How to adjust a fire curtain

While a fire can spread very fast and cover the whole building within minutes, it gets very dangerous for the people present inside the buildings. While things are not that safer, the security shutters UK make them a lot safer than before. The main issues when there is a fire somewhere are the spreading of smoke and the fire.

As you have installed the insulated roller shutter door and fire curtains at your place, it is important to know how to adjust them for the best experience. So, here is how things work.

Motorized adjustment of the fire curtain

It is the rather latest type of security shutters UK. These are not only motorized but most of them are smart as well. Meaning that whenever there is a fire at your place the fire security alarm will be triggered, and the curtains will come down. However, these curtains still need a little bit of adjustment as if they are not adjusted, they will not perform according to their intended usage.

So, when you are dealing with the motorized security shutters UK and curtains you can easily adjust them using the control unit of these curtains.

Manual adjustment of the fire curtain

All of the curtains that you get will not be automatic or motorized. Sometimes these are just like the insulated roller shutter door. These are the manual curtains that have levers that you need to rotate for adjusting the curtain. Unlike the motorized options, things are very different here as you need to adjust them every time you are going to use them.

So, whenever there is a fire, you will manually need to adjust these curtains. An important thing to remember here is that sometimes the curtains are wider and longer as well. In that case, there might be levers present on both sides of the curtain.

So, instead of fully adjusting one side then moving to the other it will always be a better option to adjust them bit by bit on both sides unless you have fully adjusted them. Doing so will prevent you from damaging the curtains and their mechanism.

Things you must consider while adjusting the fire curtain

The use of insulated roller shutter door and curtains may seem very safe as fire and smoke will be prevented from spreading. However, it does not mean that you can use these without any caution. When using these things, you need to be very careful about the following things.

  • Use these only according to their intended way of the usage
  • Make sure that you are not closing the paths and sights of people on the other side of the fire
  • Although these prevent fire from spreading, you must still get the building evacuated.

In this way, you will be more than safe while using these fire safety products


Having the curtains to prevent fire from spearing inside your building can be a very helpful safety measure. However, these things are only able to perform when they are adjusted in the right way. Here we were discussing how you can adjust these by yourself.